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9 Tips For Beginning Your First Blog

I recently published a post on How To Start A Blog and it is a step by step guide for getting a domain, setting up hosting, and creating your blog. It will get you to where you can write a blog and this post is going to focus on tips for beginning your first blog.

I started blogging for real estate in 2008 but, I lurked for almost two years posting very little because I had no idea what I was doing and was scared to make mistakes. Don’t be like me, I still make mistakes and have been blogging for almost ten years. We learn from our mistakes and it helps us grow.

I receive questions regularly asking for blogging tips particularly from people just beginning to blog. What to write about is the most common question I receive.

The below tips have all helped me begin blogging and continue blogging. I don’t understand everything when it comes to blogging and am far from a guru but, I hope these tips will help beginner bloggers take the plunge and start writing!


Tips For Beginning Your First Blog


What To Write About9 Tips For Beginning Your First Blog

Once you have your blog host secured and have started your first blog then it time to write. But, what about? When it comes to beginning a blog you’re going to need a topic and many would argue a niche. I agree with both of these but, I think as you start writing you’ll find it leads you to both.

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with before you actually start writing.

Writing down topics that interest you is a good starting place but, blogs evolve. If you’re having trouble narrowing down a topic and a niche let it come naturally.

I tend to disagree with looking at your blog strictly as a business. It can be a business and a side hustle but, it shouldn’t be what you focus on. Talk about sucking the life out of it if it’s all about the bottom dollar. Blah! Provide value on a topic that you personally have experience with and feel comfortable sharing. The rest will come.

Beginning a blog is a journey and you should have fun with it.


Be Authentic

Blogs aren’t meant to be boring or read like a textbook. Let your personality shine! This is quite frankly one of the most important tips for beginning your first blog. Don’t be afraid to be you. 

If I land on a blog and it’s written like my 5th-grade history book I’m off that page in a matter of seconds. Not everyone is going to like what you blog about or how you write, who gives a rip!

By being yourself you’ll attract the people who love your blog topic, writing style and who genuinely feel connected to you.


Tell Your Readers About Yourself

Having an about page is a must when beginning a blog. My about page is constantly evolving and I’m ok with that. The about page is one of the first places I visit when I’m interested in a blog. Reading about someone’s views, life, and what they’re about tells me if I want to spend more time on their blog or even subscribe.

Corporate blogs just don’t do it for me, nothing wrong with them they’re just not what I personally find fun or interesting. Be real and honest with your readers. Give them a glimpse into your world.


Content Is Not King

Some will vehemently disagree with this but, hear me out. Here’s the deal, your subscribers don’t want a bunch of crap posted randomly throughout the week and quite frankly neither does Google.

You’re better off going with quality over quantity. Publish one post a week that is thorough and truly dives deep into the topic you’re writing about. A key tip when you’re beginning to blog is being consistent. Show up!

Your audience needs to know they can trust you to post on X day of the week. Don’t go all willy nilly and post whenever you feel like it.

Blogging is really about sharing your thoughts, opinions, and ideas. You just have to figure out how to put them in writing. Be mindful of your thoughts each day and ideas will flow. There are days when you aren’t going to want to write, don’t force it.

If your thoughts are flowing and fingers are burning up the keyboard let it flow! Keep blogs in draft form and post them on your selected day of the week.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week you pick to post. What matters is you post on that day in the same timeframe every single week.


Ask Your Audience

When you’re beginning to blog your audience will be small and that’s ok, you can (and should) still engage with them. Beginning to blog is opening yourself up to the world. Sharing is caring and it’s a two way street between you and your audience.

Show your current readers that you value them. Not sure what to share? Ask them what they want to know!

So many bloggers become obsessed with finding new readers that they neglect the ones they already have. Don’t be that person.


Reply To Your Audience

Get a comment? Reply! I don’t care if it’s a one-word reply. If someone takes the time to comment on your blog you need and should want to reply. 

I love when I leave a comment or a question in the comments and the writer responds. When I hear nothing back it makes me feel like they don’t care and I’m not down with supporting someone who doesn’t care about their audience.

Again, it’s about interacting with your readers. You gotta give to get and honestly you should want to give. Beginning a blog comes with giving and sharing.


Get Rid Of Captcha

Ahhh Captcha, you annoy me! It drives me insane when I’m trying to leave a comment and I have to decipher some blurred image of numbers and letters. I never get it on the first time and it’s a pain in the ass! Sometimes I just give up because I get it wrong so many times.

If the spammers are getting to your blog consider a question to permit leaving a comment. You know the simple ones like 1+1 or select green from the list below. Nothing difficult or blurry, please.

Social Sharing Buttons

Beginning to blog is exciting and if someone reading enjoys your posts you want them to have a way to share it. The first tip, make sure you have social sharing buttons on your blog in plain sight and easily accessible. The second tip, make sure they work.

I have been to so many blogs where I want to share the post and I click on the tweet button or Facebook button and it’s broken. Don’t make it difficult for your readers to share your posts.

Most of us, myself included times 10 have the attention span of a toddler and if it’s not straight forward, quick and painless to share your work it’s not going to happen.


Build An Email List

Readers who subscribe to your email list are your biggest fans. They’re your tribe, your community, whatever you want to call it – they’re your peeps. Caring about them and writing on what they’re interested in and want to know is important.

Don’t get me wrong, your blog is important but, in my humble opinion, your email list is where it’s at. They’re the bee’s knees. Include a call to action to enable them to join your list and tell them what it’s going to get them. Be specific.

It could be that your blog post will be emailed to them directly each week or it could be something free that you have to offer to help with a pain point.


Have Fun With Your Blog

The vast majority of people start blogging today to make money. While there’s nothing wrong with that it shouldn’t be your focus. There’s a ton of noise on the internet and it’s going to take months before you see any type of monetary benefit from your blog. Be willing to wait, be willing to keep going.

Blogging is like a marathon, Rome wasn’t built in a day people! Focus on the fun, enjoy having a blog and sharing information about your topic. When you truly enjoy what you’re doing it hardly feels like work.


Is there something you wish you knew about blogging? Have a tip to share? Drop a comment!

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