Hello! I created this blog to share tips with you to take control of your finances.

From paying off debt, saving, and earning more it will all be covered here.

I took on over $100,000 in debt in 2016 to open a new business and I'm finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel for paying it all off. Debt scares me but, like many others it was my only option at the time.

Debt is something that so many of us deal with and it can bring with it a feeling of hopelessness when working to pay it off. Even just working to save money can be daunting.

I'm a real estate broker and each year meet with countless future home buyers who want to buy a home but, first have to make a plan to save for their down payment. Helping others take control of their finances is something I enjoy doing and find very rewarding.

Having debt has become the norm but, it doesn't have to be nor should it be. You can achieve financial success, you can be debt free and break the debt cycle and you can live life on your own terms.



My real estate career has allowed me to do that in so many ways and there’s an opportunity to assist someone every single day. It didn’t take me long after I earned my real estate license to know my passion is helping people.

Real estate and finances go hand in hand. I was always a numbers nerd and being immersed in the industry for over a decade has taught me how to budget, save, and invest.

Being able to share my knowledge to help others reach their goals is extremely rewarding.

I am currently still in real estate and growing this side hustle simultaneously. This stuff doesn't happen overnight!

No matter what shape your finances are in you can improve them. You can be debt free and you can create passive income.

Money doesn't buy you happiness, it buys you the freedom to do what makes you happy!