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6 Simple Home Organization Tips

An organized home will make you feel happy and healthy. Home organization is so important for a balanced lifestyle but, as much as I hate to say it after all my years in real estate I’ve been in countless homes that have clutter everywhere. Decluttering is a word that’s used a ton in real estate but, I’ve found a lot of people just don’t know where to start. That said it’s really simple if you chip away at it a little at a time.

Just follow these 6 home organization tips and you’ll feel like a brand new person. Being organized at home is a marathon, not a sprint and something that should be ongoing. Not a one and done activity.  

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Home Organization Tip #1: Focus On One Room At A Time

Home organization is best approached in small bites. Focus on one room at a time, don’t stray from the room until you’ve got it decluttered and organized. If you’re feeling overwhelmed you can even break it down to just one piece of furniture at a time or one drawer at a time.

Home offices seem to be a catch-all so I’ll use that as an example. Sit down at your desk and take a drawer at a time first, then once you’ve got each one cleared out and organized work on the top of your desk. From there maybe you have a bookcase in your home office, organize it next but, just a shelf at a time.

Don’t feel like you need to do it all in one day, home organization works much better when you take it a day at a time. Chipping away at small bits will get you to your goal and give you a better outcome. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Home Organization Tips: Simple Tips To Declutter Your Home

Home Organization Tip #2: Make Three Piles

Make yourself a keep, donate, and discard pile. When you sort through your stuff think about what you actually use. Ideally, it’s best to put a timeframe on it – so think about if you’ve used the item in the last 6 months or last year. If the answer is no it goes in the donate or discard pile.

If you’re looking to make extra money add a 4th pile, sell. Odds are you have hundreds of dollars lying around your house, stuff that you aren’t using and never will. Part of home organization is narrowing down your stuff to what you actually need. Most of us have way too much stuff and getting rid of it frees up space in your house and in your mind.


Home Organization Tip #3: Declutter

As yourself a few questions when you get to each room in your home.

  1. Have I used this item in the last 6 months?
  2. Did I know I even had this item?
  3. Do I need more than 1 (insert item here)?
  4. Would I want to pay to move this item?

I ask myself and my home sellers these questions in every room. These questions give you guidelines to work from and help avoid getting emotional towards your stuff. We all have a way of accumulating stuff that doesn’t enhance our lives. In reality, none of us needs much and clutter in our homes translates to clutter in our minds. The goal of home organization is to free yourself of clutter.


Home Organization: Simple Tips To Declutter Your Home

Home Organization Tip #4: Repurpose

Home organization takes a little creativity especially when you are looking to maximize space. There’s no need to go out and buy more stuff to get organized with. That would be counterproductive right?!

I love taking items I already have and repurposing them for a new use. Take for example a dish rack you no longer need. When you organize the piles on your desk use it for storing files in your home office. Have a bunch of loose wires on your desk? Grab some of those binder clips that we all have lying around and attach them to the edge of your desk. Then run the cords through the clips. Bonus, it makes them easy to plug in!

If you’re like me and a lover of all scarfs take a hanger, attach some shower curtain rings, and hang your scarves from each ring. Don’t have shower curtain rings? No problem, take two hangers and drape your scarves over them. 


Home Organization Tip #5: Clean As You Go

Home organization and cleaning go hand in hand. Dust and dirt build-up in drawers, behind furniture, and really anywhere that you don’t clean regularly. As you’re decluttering clean as you go so that you are putting items on clean surfaces and avoid the need to go back and move them to clean after you finish organizing each room.

While you’re purging and organizing you should also take the time to deep clean each room, such as baseboards, behind furniture, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and windows. Since you’re already moving things around and organizing it’s the perfect time to tackle a deep clean.

Home Organization Tip #6: Make It Part Of Your Routine

To reduce the stress of home organization make it part of your routine. Don’t let it build up over time and become a big task to complete. Think about how good it feels when your home is organized, it’s freeing! We try to make home organization a way of life. If we get a new shirt, we put another shirt in the donate pile. It’s rare I don’t have some of our stuff for sale online, that’s a great way to keep the clutter down and turn stuff you don’t use anymore into cash.


BONUS: Keep It Or Toss It

Use this chart to help guide you on what to keep or what to toss. Don’t forget, if you think it’s something that can be sold to put it online to earn some extra money. Once your home is organized and clutter-free take a step back and admire your work. Acknowledge the freeing feeling it gives you!


Keep It Or Toss It: A Guide To Home Organization

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